About me

Hi, I am Cara, and my favourite thing to do is take photographs. There’s always a camera in my hand. I am passionate about what I do and it’s part of who I am. I got here via a rather winding route, but realised that since a small child I had always loved taking photographs and curating family albums to keep those memories safe forever. This is my calling in life. To make people happy through the images I create and I am so lucky to do a job that I love.

Life is busy, interesting and fun and that’s why I love to photograph many aspects of it. Each genre teaches me different skills which make me a better photographer. Photographing weddings you learn to quickly adapt to new surroundings and available light, be fast on you feet and read the emotions in a room. The still life details and behind the scenes nature of wedding photography is invaluable when it comes to commercial work to help businesses put forward an image of themselves that they are proud of.

Since becoming a mother, I have come to realise how fleeting each stage is in a child’s development. Time flies when you are a busy parent and it’s important to stop and enjoy the present. I really love photographing children in a natural way, those special looks and smiles, so that you can remember them forever.

Now, lets get to know you, have a pint and a chat, and hear more about the photographs you would love to have.

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