New sister on the way

Slightly cloudy days are great for taking photos especially in gorgeous gardens with lovely people.

Some of my favourite photoshoots are maternity ones. I love that excitement proceeding the arrival of a new baby and I love the way siblings interact with ‘the bump’. It’s a very special time to be part of.

monika and ada-2014-125monika and ada-2014-148monika and ada-2014-008monika and ada-2014-115monika and ada-2014-023monika and ada-2014-005monika and ada-2014-042monika and ada-2014-028monika and ada-2014-095monika and ada-2014-014monika and ada-2014-027monika and ada-2014-025monika and ada-2014-143monika and ada-2014-040monika and ada-2014-108monika and ada-2014-048monika and ada-2014-014-2monika and ada-2014-092monika and ada-2014-008-2monika and ada-2014-047monika and ada-2014-068monika and ada-2014-053monika and ada-2014-092-2monika and ada-2014-117monika and ada-2014-060monika and ada-2014-093monika and ada-2014-039monika and ada-2014-116monika and ada-2014-176monika and ada-2014-169monika and ada-2014-123monika and ada-2014-168


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