After a photoshoot with Sand in my pockets, you have the option of many ways to display your images. Don’t let your beautiful pictures stay on a disk forever, get them up on the walls and show them off.


I order prints for people in a whole array of shape and sizes, on professional Fuji pro paper with a lustre finish. Standard rectangular sizes as well as square and panoramic.

You can buy standard frame sizes and mounts for these or get custom mounts from most framing shops.


Some people love to display their images on canvas, which look great especially in the more modern home.


I can design and order fantastic albums which are great for displaying all your images from a photo session in. The albums contain many different layouts with black and white and colour images. Ranges from small softcover albums to A4 hardcover with a matt finish and photo on the cover. Large A3 albums are popular for weddings also.

A3 and A4 photobooks

nige and gens-2014-039nige and gens-2014-045

A4 photobooks – matt cover

nige and gens-2014-072nige and gens-2014-047nige and gens-2014-070nige and gens-2014-066nige and gens-2014-067nige and gens-2014-056nige and gens-2014-064nige and gens-2014-062nige and gens-2014-054nige and gens-2014-053nige and gens-2014-051

A4 photobooks – glossy cover

s in my p book and thanQ-2014-071

s in my p book and thanQ-2014-066s in my p book and thanQ-2014-063s in my p book and thanQ-2014-008s in my p book and thanQ-2014-006s in my p book and thanQ-2014-010s in my p book and thanQ-2014-004s in my p book and thanQ-2014-016s in my p book and thanQ-2014-056

Softcover photobook

simp photobook-2014-001simp photobook-2014-002simp photobook-2014-003



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